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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pyramid at Giza

This is a diagram of Cheops' pyramid (pronounced "key-ops"). Cheops was a Pharoah in ancient Egypt. After Cheops died, priests started collecting things to make Cheops into a mummy, like salt, spices, oil and linen. They washed his body with wine and spices. Then they took Cheops' organs out of his body and covered them with special spices to preserve them. They believed that in the afterworld that the god, Osiris, could tell if the heart was good or bad. If the heart was good, Cheops could live in the after life. If the heart was bad, a monster, part hippo, part lion and part crocodile, would eat the heart. They put his organs in more spices and put them in special jars with animal heads so that other gods could protect them. They wrapped his body in linen and brought him to the pyramid that workers had built during his lifetime. Cheops was also known as Khufu. His pyramid was the tallest building on Earth for over 4,000 years. This tomb also had another protector that they built for him- the sphinx. I drew the picture above with pencil, pen, and colored pencil. I REALLY REALLY hope you like it and learn a little something about Egypt and Kufu. 

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