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Monday, September 27, 2010

Zoo Break-Out

This is a math problem I wrote for my mother to solve. It was too hard for me,but I didn't have any problem writing it. I tried to write one too hard for my mom, but it was pretty easy for her. Maybe if I would have accounted for acceleration time it would have been too hard for her. If you would like to, try to solve it and leave your answer in a comment. Have fun solving!

A 2.2 meter long zebra, named Stripes, breaks out of her pen, when she’s getting fed. The zoo-keeper just happens to be on a racing bike. Stripes got a 3 meter head-start and is running 40 mph. The zoo-keeper has to get in front of Stripes to catch her. The zoo-keeper is biking 45 mph. Will the zoo-keeper ever catch her? If the zoo-keeper does, how long will it take in seconds? When you’re done convert the seconds to minutes.

P.S. Don’t worry about acceleration time. There is none in this problem.

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