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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Powhatan Indians

This is a report I wrote on the Powhatan Indians. It is written from the perspective of a girl from the Powhatan tribe. Chama Wingapo! My name is Umpsquoth Naantam. I am 8 years old. My tribe is known as Powhatan. We Powhatans use our time wisely. The men of the Powhatan tribe fish in rivers around us. They also trap and hunt animals for food and clothing. They make weapons and tools for farming. Women’s chores are making pottery and wooden plates, gardening, and gathering food like nuts and berries. I help out with the women’s chores. We grow grapes, corn, pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, and beans. My favorite plant is pumpkins, because they are yummy, pretty, and come in all shapes and sizes. My favorite chore is making pottery, because you can design it in any shape. You also can choose your pattern and color. Then you put it in the shade to dry. Women also make clothing for everyone in the village. All men, women, and children work very hard.

Our tribe lives in longhouses. A longhouse is made of trees where many families sleep. My mother, grandmother and aunt built our longhouse. I live with two of my cousins, one brother, my aunt and uncle, my best friend, Keshowse Onxe, and some of her family. I really like living with my best friend. She does chores too so we have a lot of fun doing chores. My mom always scolds us for being too silly during work time. She says, “Play after.”     
Powhatan Indians only eat foods we can provide. We grow tobacco, corn, and other crops. People grow crops in gardens. Men hunt deer, bear, raccoon, rabbits, and other wildlife. We never waste any parts of an animal. You might call this perfect conservation.
I hope you enjoyed learning about the Powhatan tribe from me. I hope you can come visit me sometime. I'll help make you rabbit stew. Chama Eweenetu!
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