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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Natchitoches Christmas Festival showcases Anna Margaret

Christmas Festival 2010 was a major event for the children of Natchitoches, with Disney Star, Anna Margaret, as its Grand Marshal, bringing the attention of children everywhere to this Christmas town.

All around Natchitoches on Christmas Festival day people anxiously awaited Anna Margaret’s concert. Girls lined up on Second Street the day before to meet Anna Margaret and get her autograph. Photos of Anna Margaret with Natchitoches kids popped up on Facebook Friday afternoon, and children excitedly exchanged stories with their friends about the Anna Margaret meet and greet.  But it wasn't just the little girls who were excited.  This young star's sweet prettiness is the kind that young fellows observe with quiet admiration.

Anna Margaret talking to fans
Anna Margaret, Hollywood Records recording artist and Disney star, was the Grand Marshal for the 84th Annual Natchitoches Christmas Festival. Anna Margaret was all smiles during her parade ride. She threw beads, posed for pictures and leaned down to talk to her fans during parade stops. 

The audience was shoulder to shoulder during her concert at the main bandstand. After her first song she said how pleased she was to be in Natchitoches. She was overwhelmed by the crowd’s response to her and began to cry. The audience started chanting, “An-na. An-na. An-na.” She wiped the tears from her eyes and sang her hit song, “Something about the Sunshine”. This exchange endeared her to Natchitoches even more.

I had the opportunity to interview Anna Margaret before the meet and greet on Friday. She was very kind. I was a little bit nervous, and she quickly put me at ease. She was raised in Alexandria, Louisiana but moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. I asked her what she missed about Louisiana, and she said her family, her friends, and the food. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people through her singing career. Anna Margaret gave up competitive gymnastics to focus more on music at the age of eight but continued to do gymnastics for fun until a year ago. Now she says her schedule is too busy to keep up gymnastic practice. 

This is me with Anna Margaret during the interview
Not only is Anna Margaret a talented singer and dancer, she also modeled for American Girl. I am an American Girl fan myself and was curious about her favorite American Girl historical character. She told me she likes Julie and Elizabeth the best. 

Anna Margaret co-writes her music with her mother and Princess Kenya. Her song “Heal Us All” was inspired by the Gulf Coast oil spill, and some of the profits from this song will go to the Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children.

Natchitoches girls will be following Anna Margaret’s career on Facebook, Myspace, and on AnnaMargaret.com. This was an exciting year to attend the Natchitoches Christmas Festival. The weather was perfect, the music was great, and local children really enjoyed the youngest Grand Marshal the Natchitoches Christmas Festival has ever had.


  1. Love the picture and the article. Good writeing.

  2. wow she is so pretty. You are so lucky to get to see her. I wish i was you!!!!!!