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Thursday, December 30, 2010

One of My Favorite Gifts

     This year I got a Brother sewing machine for Christmas. It is one of my favorite gifts. A sewing machine is a gift that keeps giving. It has already given me an outfit for my American Girl doll, including matching shoes. I have another outfit cut out and ready to sew. I am planning to make clothes for myself and Christmas gifts for others next year.
     I had never used a sewing machine before, so it taught me a new skill. I have learned to use a pattern, wind a bobbin, thread the machine, and sew with a variety of stitches. I have also learned about facing and basting. I now know that a good gift, especially for a child, is a gift that teaches a skill.
     I am looking forward to finding patterns for stuffed animals, clothes and bags. I also plan to do some quilting. If you have a child who is artistic or crafty, I would recommend a sewing machine as a gift. Although sewing may seem intimidating at first, it is really much easier than you would think. As I have proven, even an eight year old can do it.
     As Lao Tzu would say, give a girl an outfit; clothe her for a day; give her a sewing machine; clothe her for a lifetime... or maybe it was fish.

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